5 out of 5 stars”

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Review


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Previous events

putting new band together 

My upcoming gig at Kismat (which I scored by bring music to the local commuting community in the morning on a daily basis) has me thrilled. I'm putting a new band together, the set up I've always wanted, and closer to realizing my ultimate creative vision to have my work interpreted in exactly the way I envisioned it.

Central Park 

When Covid arrived, I decided to teach myself guitar playing along to Blues Radio (I am mostly self-taught on all instruments I still play).

Since then, I have played in my neighborhood park (sunsets during the week) as well as Central Park (early mornings and afternoons), along to stems of my music. This has proven to be quite popular, and feedback has been extremely positive bringing me joy.

I plan to keep doing it, as it has proven quite useful to test new material which I'm excited to release in the near future. 

went to ER 

Staff at Columbia/Presbyterian was outstanding

got hit by a car while biking; luckily no broken bones, just sprains.

made me realize how important my body is to making music

things are going great 

I'm going through an extremely creative period right now, highly unexpected. In what could have taken me 10 years and not produced the results, took 1 month of unplanned action. Just goes to show how far improvisation and not planning can go.






Led by multi-instrumentalist/composer Martin Reuter, his unit has been invited to North Sea Jazz in Holland, Jakarta Jazz Festival etc.

Martin drew the attention of the late, great Bob Belden (Producer of Miles Davis Reissues for Sony/Columbia).

Constantly creating.